2023 CHEERSPORT Nationals Exception Form

CHEERSPORT has implemented a Stay Smart Program for all attendees for the 2023 CHEERSPORT National Championship.

CHEERSPORT has implemented this policy to ensure we will be recognized as an official citywide event in order to receive priority booking for future years in Atlanta, GA. It also allows us to keep cost down for attendees and be able to provide more options and benefits for everyone. It is mandatory that all attendees for the 2023 CHEERSPORT National Championship book their rooms through Connections Housing. We do understand that some attendees may live in the area or parents may want to book rooms using hotel reward points or military discounts.  Because of this, we offer a few exceptions to our Stay Smart Program. In order to be eligible for an exception the following form and all required supporting documentation needs to be submitted no later than January 17, 2023.

If the exception request is declined, please understand that the rooms must be booked through Connections Housing in order to participate in the event. 



It is not our intent to force anyone to pay for a hotel room that wouldn't otherwise need one. Obviously, individuals within 75 miles of the Atlanta metro area are exempt from this policy. We also exempt individuals for the following reasons:

- or -

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Upon submitting your exception request and documentation, you agree that you are aware of CSN’s Stay Smart Program. Lack of compliance OR the submission of any false documents may result in your athlete being ruled ineligible to participate in 2023 CHEERSPORT Nationals. CSN and your coach will be provided with a list of athletes who have requested exceptions.